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Robert 'Bo' Bergloff, DVM

4740 Hwy 389
Lynn Haven, FL 324

8-12 & 1:30-5-30
8-12 & 1:30-5-30
Wednesday: 8-12 & LOBBY ONLY 1:30-4
8-12 & 1:30-5:30
8-12 & 1:30-5:30


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Meet Our Staff

Robert 'Bo' Bergloff DVM:
Dr. Bo and Dog Dr. Bo grew up in Bradenton, FL where he attended Manatee High School. After graduating in 1988, he wanted to attend Auburn, but a budget and divine intervention caused a detour to Troy University in Alabama. He graduated with a B.S. and a fiancée in 1992. The following year he and April were married. He also became an Auburn University Tiger, attending their esteemed veterinary college and carrying on a Bergloff family tradition. He achieved his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1997 and worked as an associate veterinarian in Atmore, AL and Bay Minette, AL. In 2007, he and April moved their growing family to the Panama City area to pursue practice ownership and raise their three children, Henley, Daughtry and Addie Ross. The daily Bergloff activities are supervised by Lucy the Golden Retriever and critiqued by a sizeable horde of felines.
Dr. Amanda King, DVM:
Dr. Amanda King Born in Clearwater Florida, Dr. King has always fostered a love for animals great and small. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; her parents recently retired to a small hobby farm including a few horses, goats and cows, oh my! Veterinary medicine was not always Dr. King’s goal, but a pivotal summer spent working with a DVM to care for two of her horses opened her eyes to the possibility. As a graduate from the University of Florida in 2011 with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine as well as a Masters in Public Health, she proved herself to be a true double threat. She eventually settled in Georgia practicing as an associate veterinarian, doing relief and emergency work too. Falling for a man in uniform, she and Brett were married in 2016. Three years later, a transfer brought them to Panama City and to North Bay Animal Hospital, perfect timing for us to welcome our first full time associate veterinarian. They moved with their sweet Australian Shepherd Crystal and sassy Peter Jamal the cat.
Becca Hartwell: Technician
Becca Hartwell Becca was born in Chicago Illinois but her parents longed for a simpler life. At the age of 13, they decided Kentucky was the place to be, farm livin’ is the life to be, land spreadin’ so far and wide, so long Windy City, here we come countryside! Complete with peacocks, alpacas, cows and horses, Becca became a true Kentucky farm girl. Hard work paid off, she became a valued member of the Murray State Equestrian team, where she first majored in business. After her first year, she realized she was just kidding with the business major and switched to the veterinary technician program. Successfully graduating in 2016, Becca continued to learn and grow in the veterinary field in Kentucky, until bonding over a mutual love of German Shepherds with her now husband, Joey. A move to Florida in 2019, followed by her and Joey’s wedding, eventually led Becca to her work family here at North Bay Animal Hospital. Sharing their home with Czecko, Kevin and Gin, all three German Shepherds, makes one of Becca’s “favorite” pastimes running the vacuum.
Lindsey Banks, CVA: Technician
Lindsey Banks Originally hailing from Georgia, Lindsey brings knowledge and spirit to our flourishing team. Growing up with a mom who doubles as an ER nurse keeps you tough, a fortunate thing for a dirt bike riding soccer player. She comes by her love for animals honestly because when she was growing up, her mom also volunteered and fostered for several different local rescues. Lindsey has an appreciation for all animals, but Huskies hold a special place in her heart. Moving into a veterinary care career was a logical move so in …………. she achieved official certification as a veterinary assistant through the Georgia Veterinary Medicine Association while working at Dalton Animal Care in Dalton, GA. Though she no longer rides her dirt bike, she is an avid hiker and is looking forward to exploring Florida’s trails with her faithful companion, Possum the Husky.
Jennifer Williams: Technician
Jennifer Williams Jennifer is a Florida native, born and raised in Palm Beach County. As a youngster, she first began developing her keenness for team work while riding horses for her local mounted drill team. She also enjoyed the thrill of barrel racing and earned the right to call herself the 3D barrel champion of her competitive circuit. After relocating to North Florida in 2003, she waited tables at night while she trained horses and managed a local dressage barn during the day. She took time out of the saddle to become a mom, and as her girls grew up, she decided it was time to follow her dream of becoming a vet tech. She joined the North Bay Animal Hospital family in September 2018, eagerly taking her first step to become the vet tech she is destined to be. Happily married, Jennifer and her husband share their love and lives with 3 human girls, 2 canine children, and 2 horses. Her enthusiasm and drive are welcome additions to our team.
Renee Wilson: Technician
Renee Wilson Renee was born outside Nashville in a town called Adams, famous for the legend of the Bell Witch. When Renee was 15 years old, she and her family moved to Bay county. She wasn’t concerned about leaving witches behind, she was mostly troubled about having to delay obtaining her driver’s permit and freedom because of the differences in state law.

Regardless of where she lived, Renee has always loved animals, especially cats and dogs. But not chickens. Since grandma’s mean chickens used to chase her around the yard, there is no love lost between Renee and chickens. She has successfully completed some pre-veterinary courses at Gulf Coast College and has worked for a select few clinics in Bay county as a valued veterinary technician.

North Bay is truly fortunate to have added her to the family roster.  Renee is married, sharing her home with her husband, one human boy, one human girl, three children of the canine variety, one feline who rules the roost and a bearded dragon, just to mix things up a bit.

Jen Carnahan: Receptionist
Jennifer Carnahan Jen brings a lifetime of experience to North Bay Animal Hospital’s dynamic team. After graduating high school in Central Florida, she worked for a dude/cattle ranch in Texas for 3 years as a wrangler. Her duties included taking horses to Burt Reynold’s ranch and leading trail rides for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders (they were not wearing their cheerleading uniforms at the time!). Returning to Florida, she worked as a Vet Tech in both large and small animal practices. She owned and operated a horse rescue for 11 years, directed a non-profit therapeutic horseback riding program, and managed a humane society shelter. Hurricane Michael forced Jen to move away but after only a few months in central Florida, she realized how much she missed us and came back her North Bay Animal Hospital family. Jennifer lives up to Winston Churchill’s adage “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”. Her positive outlook and energy have left a beautiful impression in her wake. She shares her passion with two beautiful daughters and a passel of fur babies.
Sylvia Mahalak: Receptionist
Sylvia Mahalak Sylvia brings customer service excellence to North Bay’s front office team. From humble beginnings as Queen of Alpina County (MI) to her stellar legacy of underwater basket weaving at Flagler in St. Augustine, Sylvia has also danced her way through Michigan with a traveling polka band. For five years, Bay County’s hearing-impaired children were fortunate to have Sylvia as their teacher. Her polka days behind her, Sylvia longed to dance once again so she began tap classes. Her face is familiar to many of our clients already since she honed her customer service skills at Fusion Fitness Center in Lynn Haven. Somehow while learning to play the drums, street racing her ’69 Camaro and practicing calligraphy, she found time to raise two beautiful girls. St. Peter keeps a close eye on her: never fear, St. Peter is her Bengal cat.
Katrina Kepran: Manager Doggy Dogs dog with headphones
Katrina Katrina aspired to join the animal health industry since her youth. While staying home with her two children during their preschool years, she undertook a challenging educational program to help her achieve this goal. She completed her Animal Behavioral College internship with North Bay Animal Hospital in Spring 2013 and happily became an official part of the North Bay family in January 2014. Katrina is happily
married for over 15 years with two active human boys and one playful canine boy.
Lucy: Back Office Greeter/Protection
Lucy Lucy the Golden Retriever is never far from the boss-man a.k.a. her dad, Dr. Bo. She joined the Bergloff clan in 2016, utterly delighted to be a part of such a great family. Most weekdays, you can find her in the doctors’ office waiting for her favorite human to come back and dote on her. From her station in the clinic, she is sure to express a hearty hello to any patient or client coming down the hall. Sometimes her greeting voice can be a little loud and scary, but the happy face and wagging tail convey her true sentiment. In her spare time, Lucy enjoys swimming in the family pool, going to the bank with Dr. Bo (drive-thru only where they know she requires at least 2 cookies) and pilfering food from Sylvia the receptionist’s purse.
Stevie: Ceremonial Figurehead
Stevie Stevie first came to North Bay Animal Hospital as a charity case donated over the fence into the backyard of a staff member at the tender estimated age of 6-ish months. The obvious deficiencies in her eyesight inspired the staff to name her in Wonder. The original intention was to find her a home of her own, but once the extent of her defective vision was realized, her North Bay family became so selective about her placement she ended up staying at the clinic. Like Lucy, food is a major motivator for Stevie because you would never expect a blind cat to be able to run full tilt from the front office, down the hallway, around two corners and into her tajma-kennel without running into one wall (only feeding time). Prior to Hurricane Michael, she had a bit of a health scare; her chest x-rays showed possible lung lesions and she began having issues with appetite and weight loss. When Hurricane Michael walloped Bay County, her North Bay family was very concerned for her well-being. With no electricity at the clinic, she claimed refugee status in the office manager’s house and staged an amazing come-back. To this day she still travels to and from the office with the manager, and she shares her space with a family of humans. She only puts up with the two canines living with her in the refugee camp because they were there first and the silly humans seem to like them.


Dog helps girl at water fountain